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Growers of Organic Food Yukon (GoOFY), a Yukon association, promotes organic practices and provides support, education, and advocacy about organic growing and processing.

Growers of Organic Food Yukon Membership

Farm Membership: $35 per year (up to 2 votes); Individual Membership: $20 per year

Organic Federation of Canada/Fédération biologique du Canada (OFC/FBC)

The Canadian Organic Standard has been adopted. Certified organic producers in the territory may now include the Canada Organic logo on their product labels (as long as they are inspected each year). Joanne Jackson Johnson represents the territory organic producers on the council.

Copies of the standard can be obtained at the Yukon Agriculture Branch office or from Canadian Organic Growers.

Other great links related to certification:
Dalhousie University - Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada
USDA - Organic Extension Services

Projects and Ideas

Tom and Simone Rudge maintain the Yukon Food website and welcome submission of articles or suggestions for updates. For a $50 contribution to the Growers of Organic Food Yukon, we'll host a page for your farm too.

If you live in the Yukon (or northern BC), come join other local farmers and gardeners who are interested in using organic growing methods.

You don't need to be big and you don't need to be certified. Find out how to get the best tasting, healthiest food from your garden or farm.

Farm membership $35/year, individuals $20/year.

Yukon Contact Information

Email: organic (a)

P.O. Box 20228
Whitehorse, Yukon
Y1A 7A2

Feeling out of the loop? There's a slew of great books out there. Many can be borrowed from the Public Libraries in the Yukon, or the Energy, Mines and Resources library on the third floor of the Elijah Smith building, or COG members can request books from the COG library.

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